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Mitsumine Career Academy
Japanese Language Course

Dai3 Yamahiro Bldg. 4-1-1,
Kitashinnjuku, Shinjuku-ku,
Tokyo, Japan 169-0074

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MCA staff offers counseling on the problems such as health, life styles or accommodation so that the students can have effective learning environment.
They can communicate in Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, and English as well as in Japanese.
MCA carefully secures students’ proper visa status not only for the period of learning at school, but also after the graduation until students successfully enroll to next school. Application for visa to the Ministry of Law and Justice will be handled by the school.。

Health Insurance Polic

MCA students are required to have National Health Insurance Policy to prepare for accident or illness. National Health Insurance is sponsored by the government, and run by the local municipalities. With the insurance, 70 % of medical cost is paid by the government and a student will pay only 30 %.
Medical fee in Japan is expensive. If you are not covered by the insurance, it will cost more than ten thousand yen for one visit to a hospital for catching a cold, for instance. Insurance premium for one year is about 12,000 yen for Tokyo 23 wards residents. MCA fee at the enrollment includes ten thousand yen for the insurance policy.


Shinjuku City Office
Suginami City ffice
Nakano City ffice
Toshima City ffice
Itabashi City ffice
Setagaya City ffice
Toda City ffice
Kawaguchi City ffice
Kawasaki City ffice

Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau

Embassy of The Republic of Korea in Japan
Embassy of The People's Republic of China in Japan
Interchange Association, Japan
Embassy of the S.R. of Vietnam in Japan
Embassy & Consulate General of Mongolia in Japan
Embassy of the United States Tokyo, Japan
The Embassy of the Russian Federation in Japan
British Embassy Tokyo