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Mitsumine Career Academy
Japanese Language Course

Dai3 Yamahiro Bldg. 4-1-1,
Kitashinnjuku, Shinjuku-ku,
Tokyo, Japan 169-0074

10 Features of MCA

1.MCA was established in 1988. It is a large Japanese language School
 with a full capacity of 540 students.

 Application is accepted 4 times a year in January, April, July and October.
 Number of students who have a student visa at MCA
Academic year Number of students Position in all Japan Position in Tokyo
2009 407 10th 5th
2008 388 10th 6th
2007 350 10th 7th
 (According to the data of “Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education”)

2.MCA is proud of high visa permission rate, almost 100% in recent
 years. The Tokyo Immigration Bureau approves MCA as an
 appropriate school on controlling the visa status.
The ratio of the students who stay illegally is 0 % for a long time.

3.The students who want to enter higher educational institutes entered almost 100%.
 Specialized instructors advise individually.
 47 partner schools offer admission by MCA recommendation (as of Dec. 2011).
 Benefits of recommendation admission: remission or reduction of entrance fee,
 tuition, and/or selection fee.

4.Pre University/College Course ( Full time course)for pre-advanced level or
 higher students, 4 hour Japanese language lessons, and 2 hour English, Mathematics, and “Japan & the World” classes in the afternoon are available.
 The students have entered prestigious universities such as Waseda, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Hokkaido, Keio, Chuo, Hosei, Meiji, Nihon and so on.

5.Pre Graduate School Course (Full time course)for pre-advanced level
 or higher Students, special program for the students who want to enter graduate school
 is offered to write a study plan.
 The students have entered prestigious graduate schools such as Tokyo University
 Graduate School, Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School, University of
 Tsukuba Graduate School, Waseda University Graduate School and so on.

6.The high percentage of students who pass the Japanese Language  Proficiency Tests of N1 and N2. The special program is offered for the  students who want to practice for the test.

7.Selective classes are offered on Fridays by the needs of students of  Intermediate Ⅱ level or higher.
 EXAMPLES:①Intensive conversation class ② Intensive Kanji class,
 ③Reading novels & essays class ④Business class
 ⑤ Animation/manga study class ⑥Report writing class
 ⑦Intensive class for Japanese Language Proficiency Test
 ⑧Intensive class for The Examination for Japanese University Admission for
International   students
 ☆. Special Kanji(Chinese characters) Class
   For the students who want to practice kanji, special Kanji class free of charge
   is offered three times a week after the regular lessons.

8.Various Scholarships
 About 40 students per year were offered scholarships in 2009 academic  year.

 ① Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho:MEXT) Scholarship for precollege
  students studying at Japanese Language Schools. (576,000 yen)
 ② MCA scholarship (180,000yen)
 ③ Lee Soo Hyun Memorial Scholarship(100,000yen)
 ④ Award for perfect Attendance(book coupon :1,000 yen ~ 8,000 yen)
 ⑤ Award for Good Attendance ( 10,000 yen ~ 50,000 yen)

9.Tuition per year is 624,000 yen including facility fee, textbooks, and extracurricular activity fee.
 Tuition can be refundable by 3 month under certain circumstances.

10.MCA is located in the center of Tokyo, Shinjuku Ward.
 The school is easily accessible by 5 minute walk from JR Okubo station, only 2 minute  train ride from JR Shinjuku station.
 It is advantageous for a student to find a part time job. Information board of part time job is  on the 4th floor.
 Wonderful view of Mt. Fuji from the students’ lounge on the 6th floor.