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Questions and Answers about Graduate Schools


I want to go to a graduate school changing my major at the university.  My major at the university was Japanese. Is it possible for me to enter a graduate school majoring in management or economics?

At a graduate school, each student studies and researches individually his/her own theme under the guidance of a professor.It is not good to think to go to a graduate school aimlessly only because you have graduated from a university. In order to study at the graduate school, it is necessary to have the knowledge in the field at university level. You will be asked if you have taken the course in management or economics at the university.  Some graduate schools set a standard of acquisition of credits in particular subjects.
To enter a graduate school, how high the level of Japanese language do I have to have?
It might be necessary to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1 level.  It     is doubtful whether you have the time to improve your Japanese at the graduate school after you enrolled.
What are the examinations of graduate schools in general?
Examinations vary in each graduate school.  The examination in the specialized subject (written in Japanese) and the interview are obligatory.  Also the examination of Japanese proficiency, writing short piece of article in Japanese, English and presentations may be required for some graduate schools.
What kind of preparation should I do before coming to Japan?
Firstly make clear the theme you want to study.  It is a good idea to ask your professor and graduates of your university. Writing your research plan in Japanese is useful.  If it is difficult, writing in your own language is also helpful.
To enter a graduate school, is a must fluency in English?
Some graduate schools require English examination(the questions are most likely to translate English article of the specialized field into Japanese.) Some schools require the submission of TOEFL result. Some schools do not ask English ability.  At graduate schools in Japan, many professors have taken degrees in English speaking countries. Many articles to read are written in English.  So it is necessary to have a good command of English.

I have graduated from a college/specialized school (3-year-course).  Can I enter a graduate school now?

To enter a graduate school in Japan, it is necessary to have finished more than 16 years of study or the equivalent.  Recently more and more schools admit students provided they are considered academically capable. Some government-run universities often admit students to graduate school after finishing one year of trial as a research student (kenkyuusei) .
How about graduates from the correspondence college or evening university?  Are they eligible to enter a graduate school?
Generally speaking it is difficult in that case. You had better to ask the individual graduate school. The most important thing is that the applicant has enough knowledge of the major.
Is it necessary to take the EJU (Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students)?
No, usually it isn’t.
What is the difference between regular graduate students, research students(kenkyuusei) and credited auditors (Kamokutou Rishuusei )?
A credited auditor studies certain subjects without seeking a degree, and does not belong to the professor’s office or laboratory.  A research student (kenkyu sei) belongs to the professor’s office/laboratory having a greater chance to be advised by the professor and his staff.  If you plan to advance to a master’s program, you had better to belong to the professor’s office/laboratory.
Is there admission by recommendation?
No, there isn’t. But it is easy to become a research student if you have recommendation letters from the professor in your country.
What is the difference between professional graduate schools and regular graduate schools?
Basically these two are the same.  The purpose of the professional graduate school is to foster high level of professionals in the fields. Such graduate schools include MBA(Master of Business Administration), MPA(Master of Public Management), MMT(Master of Management of Technology), MPH(Master of Public Health) and so on.