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Mitsumine Career Academy
Japanese Language Course

Dai3 Yamahiro Bldg. 4-1-1,
Kitashinnjuku, Shinjuku-ku,
Tokyo, Japan 169-0074

Characteristics of MCA Class Lessons

①Steady progress

Students can steadily and successfully develop well-balanced four language skills in the curriculum.

②Home room instructor

With a leader, three or four instructors work as a team for one class. Progress of the class is carefully monitored by the team. The home room instructor periodically interviews each student and gives an advice regarding his/her study if necessary.

③Optional class lessons

From the middle of Intermediate level, optional class lessons are offered four to six hours a week for the students to develop their skills purposefully for their own goals.
Examples of optional class lessons: Preparation for Japanese Proficiency Test/
Preparation for EJU /Preparation Japanese for Writing Academic Papers /Understanding of Japanese
Social Issues , Focus on Conversation and Speaking /Focus on Kanji characters / Reading novels & essays / Business Japanese / Writing research plan for graduate university admission / Anime research

④Special preparation class lessons

Other than optional class lessons, MCA offers special classes with the low price so
that students can accomplish their goals.

Examples of Special Preparation Class:

(1)Preparation for University
 English for University entrance examination
 Mathematics for Liberal Arts Major (for Foreign Student General Examination,
 entrance examination)
 General Subjects (for Foreign Student General Examination)

(2)Preparation for Japanese Proficiency Test
 Success for Proficiency Test N1 level
 Success for Proficiency Test N2 level

(3)Chinese Character Class: (no charge)
 Special class for students who do not have Chinese character background and  those who are weak in Chinese characters.

⑤Guidance to University

MCA provides guidance programs for those who wish to go to universities such as
"Explanatory Session for Schools" , "Personal Counseling" or "Interview Practice".

⑥Recommendations from MCA

Students with good grades and good learning attitudes will be recommended for a
university/vocational school. Their tuition or entrance fee will be waved.

⑦Various Events

In addition to an extra-curricular class once a term, MCA offers various events such
as a speech contest, Japanese cultural experience class (traditional dancing, tea
ceremony, calligraphy, flower arrangement etc. ).


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