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Mitsumine Career Academy
Japanese Language Course

Dai3 Yamahiro Bldg. 4-1-1,
Kitashinnjuku, Shinjuku-ku,
Tokyo, Japan 169-0074

LIST of SCHOOLS Which MCA could recommend you to                                

Conditions of Recommendation: (1)Attendance record: 90 % up (2) Good academic record (3) Good attitud(4)Please remind you are not able to apply another school
*1 At almost all the schools the interview in Japanese is obligatory.
*2 EJU: Examination for Japanese Universities Admission for International Students

Name of school Address Faculty Tests(*1) Number Application Others
Keiai University Sakura, CHIBA International Relations Japanese or English 1 Nov.- Feb. N2, or EJU(*2) 220↑
Keisen University Tama City Liberal Arts   - a few Dec. EJU 220↑(  ? )
 Human Relations each  EJU 250↑( ? )
Shumei University Yachiyo, CHIBA English & IT Management - 2 Sep. ¥500,000
 Tourism Business Management each EJU 200 ↑
or N2, No
Shobi Univesity Kawagoe, SAITAMA Media Technology - 1 Oct. 30% exempted
 Political Science Composition 2 Attendance 90%↑
Bunri University of Hospitality Sayama, SAITAMA Service Management - 1 Nov. No piercing & No dyed hair
Shoin University Atsugi, KANAGAWA Business Management, Com. Composition a few Nov. 30% of Tuiton exempted
& Tourism Business Management
Cross Cultural Communication
Daiichi Institute of Technology Taito-ku Info. & Electonics Systems - 1 Oct. & Nov. ¥200,000 exempted, EJU 230↑,N2
Tokyo University of Agriculture Setagaya-ku International Bio-business Composition 1 Oct. Scholarship
per month
Tokyo Keizai University Kokubunji City Communication Studies Composition 1 September  
Nihon Keizai University Shibuya-ku Business Management -   Oct. & Nov. ¥100,000
Nihonbashi Gakkan University Kashiwa, CHIBA Business Management Japanese 2 Sep.-Feb. EJU 200 ↑ or N2
Compresive Culture
Bunka Gakuen University Shibuya-ku All Composition 5 Nov. & Feb. Attendance 90%↑
Meikai University Urayasu,CHIBA  Language & Culture - 1 Nov. & Jan. Attendance 90%↑
Economics each
Real Estates Science  
Saitama Women's Junior Hidaka, SAITAMA International Communication Japanese a few Nov. & Dec. Attendance 80%↑
College  Business 1st grade:
Yamano College of Aethetics Hachioji City Beauty Design - a few Aug.-Feb. Attendance 90%↑
Esthetics ¥50,000
Beauty & Welfare  
Yamamura Gakuen College Hikigun, SAITAMA Communication - 2 Oct.-Mar. Attendance 90%↑
& EJU 200↑

Name of school Address Faculty Tests Number Application Others
ICS College of Arts Meguro-ku All Composition a few Any time Selection &
Sundai Law, Economics & Chiyoda-ku Business Japanese 1 Oct. ¥50,000
Business College
Shurin College
of Foreign
Koto-ku Jpn.-Korean
Japanese 1 Oct. Selection fee
Language Jpn.-Chinese Interpretation
Chuo Computor
& Com. College
Niiza, SAITAMA System management Paper tests 2 Jan. ¥10,000 Exempted
Tokyo Animation College Shinjuku-ku All - 3 Oct. &
Selection fee
Tokyo Dietitian Academy Setagaya-ku All - 2 Nov.- ¥100,000
Tokyo Culinary
Arts College
Shinjuku-ku 2 EJU 200 ↑,
or N2
Tokyo Hotel
Business College
Toshima-ku 2 Attendance 90%↑
Tokyo International IT College Toshima-ku All - a few Nov.- Selection &
Admi. fee
Tokyo Communication
Edogawa-ku All - a few Oct. Selection fee
Tokyo Film Center College Edogawa-ku
Tokyo Technology Com. College Shinjuku-ku
Tokyo School of Music College Shibuya-ku
Tokyo Business College Chiyoda-ku All Paper tests a few Sep. ¥60,000
Ecole de Patisserie de Tokyo Shinjuku-ku All - a few Oct. Selection fee
Tokyo Seishin Cooking College Ota-ku Food Cordination Reading
1 Oct. Attendance 85%↑
Food & Bakery
Confectionary & Bakery test 1 N2
Tokyo Technical College Nakano-ku Interior Design,
WEB Design
Japanese 5 Sep.
Selection fee
Tokyo Automotive College Nakano &
Tokyo Technical College Shinagawa-ku Harley Davidson Course

Tokyo Techno Horti. College Taito-ku Flower Business - a few Oct.-
Selection fee
exempted &
Selection fee
exempted &
Selection fee
exempted &
Tokyo Design Academy Shibuya-ku All Japanese 2 Sep.
Selection &
Tokyo Designer Gakuin College Chiyoda-ku All Japanese a few Sep.- ¥300,000 exempted
Tokyo School of Business Shibuya-ku
Tokyo Institute of Tourism Shinjuku-ku
Tokyo Net Wave Shibuya-ku
Tokyo Visual Arts Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo Digital Technical College Taito-ku All Jap. & Composition
Jap. & Composition
2 Oct. Selection fee exempted
Tokyo Multi-Media College Shinjuku-ku All - a few Oct.- Attendance 90%↑
¥600,000 or 700,000 exempted¥600,000 or 700,000 exempted
Toho Gakuen Media Training Shinjuku-ku All - 5 Sep.
¥220,000 exempted  
College & other 3 Colleges Attendance 90%↑
Nakano School of Business musashino City Business Management Japanese a few Oct.- ¥30,000 exempted
Nihon Kashi College Setagaya-ku All - a few Sep.- Selection fee exempted
Japan College of Foreign Toshima-ku Jpn.-Korean Interpreetation Japanese 3 Nov.- ¥30,000 exempted
Languages Jpn.-Chinese Interpretation
Nihon Kogakuin College Ota-ku All composition 10 Sep.- Selection & Admission fee
Nihon Kogakuin Hachioji CollegeNihon Kogakuin Hachioji College Hachioji City exempted
Nihon School of Business & Siginami-ku All Japanese a few Sep.
¥220,000 exempted
other 9 Colleges
& Others Composition 300,000 or 400,000 in some cases 300,000 or 400,000 in some cases
Nihon Design College Shibuya-ku All - a few Aug.
¥100,000 exempted
Japan Electronics College Shinjuku-ku All Composition a few Sep.
¥70,000 exempted
Nihon Hotel College Nakano-ku International
- 2 Oct. Selection fee exempted
Noborito Dress Maker Institute Kawasaki,
Fashion Basic - 2 Oct.
¥60,000 exempted
Hollywood University of Minato-ku All Aptitude test 5 Oct. ¥50,000 exempted
Beauty & Fashion
Vantan Design Institute Shibuya-ku All Composition 5 Sep.- Selection fee & test exempted
Hiko-Mizuno Jewerly College Shibuya-ku All - a few Sep

Hospitality Tourism College Nakano-ku Hotel, Bridal & English - 2 Oct.
Selection fee exempted
Attendance 90%↑
Yokohama System Yokohama,
All - a few Sep.- Selection fee exempted
Engineering College & ¥30,000 exempted
Yamano Beauty College Shinjuku-ku Beauty Japanese a few Sep. ¥50,000 exempted
Yomiuri Rikou College Minato-ku All - a few Oct.- ¥120,000 exempted
Yomiuri Collge of Car Mechanic Koto-ku Selection fee exempted
Waseda Foreign Lan. College Shinjuku-ku English - 1 Oct. Selection fee exempted, 85%↑, N2