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Mitsumine Career Academy
Japanese Language Course

Dai3 Yamahiro Bldg. 4-1-1,
Kitashinnjuku, Shinjuku-ku,
Tokyo, Japan 169-0074

Message from the Principal

Masatoshi Habu


Not only the language, but we provide the educational service for various needs.

The principle of MCA, which was established in 1988, is "The language is Human's Communication Tool"

Today, global interchange has spread more than ever. Thus we aim to let non-Japanese aquire the correct Japanese language, and at same time learn the Japanese society and culture comprehensively in order to get the Japanese ability for any course of career. Our teachers, have teaching qualification and the abundant experience of teaching, have deep understanding of cross-cultural understanding, and have big passion, teach students with using Japanese language.

In addition we have business cooperation with Meric Japanese Language School in Osaka, the largest Japanese Language school in western Japan to interact with it in various aspects and to improve the both school's business.

We truly hope that the young people from other countries study together and they make use of the knowledge and experience that they have aquired in our school for interaction between their countries' cultures.


Ayako Someya


Hello everyone.
I’m Someya, the school principal.
Our mission is to help you to fulfil your dream, on the philosophy that “Language is a tool to connect people, connect countries”.
Teachers are doing their best to build up lessons which are interesting, easy to understand, and useful. It’s always like being at home here, so even the graduate students are usually coming.
Let’s fulfil your dream here.
I’m waiting for you in Japan.
See you again.

Thank you.