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Mitsumine Career Academy
Japanese Language Course

Dai3 Yamahiro Bldg. 4-1-1,
Kitashinnjuku, Shinjuku-ku,
Tokyo, Japan 169-0074

Scholarships and Awards

MCA Scholarships

Past receiver

MCA offers scholarships for outstanding students who are a good example to other students in grades and learning attitudes every 3 months. Every year, about 20 students are given 30 thousand yen a month, 180 thousand yen for half year.

MCA Perfect Attendance Awards

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Students with perfect attendance record receive prize of book coupons every term. A student with perfect attendance for one year will be given book coupons equivalent to ten thousand yen. Accordingly, a student with two-year perfect attendance record will be awarded by a book coupon worth of 36 thousand yen.

MCA Good Attendance Awards

Past receiver

At the graduation/completion ceremony, MCA commends the students with 100 percent attendance record throughout their stay with the school. These students will be given some money as contribution for their study. The sum, from 10 to 50 thousand yen, varies according to their duration of study.


Pre-college Student Scholarships

Past receiver

Ministry of Education and Science Scholarships are available to foreign students planning to study for full time at a graduate school / university / college / vocational training school after the language school. 48 thousand yen a month (576 thousand yen for one year) will be given. MCA is eligible to recommend five to seven students every year.


Lee Soo Hyun Memorial Scholarship

Past receiver

To praise late Mr. Lee Soo Hyun's courageous devotion to humanity, his memorial scholarship was founded in 2002 to help students from Asia. It supports foreign students who facilitate as a bridge between Japan and other Asian countries and awards 20 thousand yen a month for five months. One of MCA students will be awarded every year.